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Wooly Worm Festival In Beattyville Ky Car Show Article

Great Reasons to Grow Your Plants in a Container Garden
By Sarah Duke

It's surprising that more people don't take advantage of container gardening, since it is one of the best ways to grow plants.Container gardening is a great way to make the most of the limited space you have. Lots of people have houses or apartments with limited yard space. But with container gardening, they can enjoy plants virtually anywhere from their porch to inside their homes.Think of the possibilities of having a container garden in your kitchen or an extra bedroom. Others utilize a closet space to grow plants by using a grow light.Being able to move your plants around is a real benefit of growing your garden in containers. When bad weather comes, you can move your plants indoors where they'll be safe. Your plants can be moved with just a little effort if they are getting too much or not enough sunlight, or if you think they'd look better elsewhere.Plants grown in containers don't contract diseases as easily compared to plants grown directly in the soil. It's true that plants grown in containers can still become infected with diseases, but you will find the probability is much less than if you had grown them in your landscape. Potting soil is generally free of disease-causing organisms, so your plants will be safer.Plants grown in containers are easier to keep well fed. When your plants are potted, the fertilizers applied will surely get into your plants. The problem with fertilizing plants grown in the ground is that a lot of the fertilizer is lost to drainage or used by nearby plants. You are less likely to have this problem with container grown plants.You do have to remember that because there is less soil, the fertilizer may drain out much faster. So you need to remember that the frequency of fertilizing will be increased as opposed to what you would do in a landscape. But on the plus side, plants will be able to use more of the fertilizer you apply because it is less likely to wash away.The growing season is extended when your plants are grown in containers. You can keep the soil of your potted plants warmer by wrapping them in blankets or any other insulating materials. Your plants can be started sooner indoors or in a cold frame and then be transported outdoors to larger pots when the weather is more permitting.After the first frost, you container garden can continue to grow by applying careful insulation and bringing them indoors when it becomes too cold.Another advantage to container gardening is that it increases the accessibility of the hobby. For persons with physical disabilities and impairments, using containers allows them to enjoy and tend to plants in convenient locations. If a person uses a wheelchair, they can put the pots on a short table to make them easier to tend to. Elderly gardeners who are finding it more difficult to enjoy typical landscape gardening will find that container gardening offers the same joys but with less work.Young children will also enjoy container gardening because it takes a lot of the work out of traditional gardening, such as removing weeds, and less adult supervision is required.If your space is limited for gardening in a traditional landscape, then using pots instead is a great alternative to allow you to enjoy your plants.Sarah Duke is publisher of The Vegetable Patch at vegetablegardensite vegetablegardensite , where you'll find lots of information for starting a vegetablegardensitevegetable garden. Sarah_Duke Sarah_Duke

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