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Wooly Worm Festival In Beattyville Ky Car Show Article

Annuals in Your Garden
By Eudora DeWynter

With the cultivation and development of variations of annual flowers, the distinction between annuals and perennials may become confusing. Most annuals are planted in spring and bloom all summer long and some through fall. Annuals add vibrant colors and mixtures to your garden while providing seeds for the next years planting. These plants will generally die out at the first hard frost.There are several types of annuals available to you and a little knowledge of each is good to have.First there are Hardy Annuals, these tend to be best for planting in a cold climate simply because they can take a light frost and some freezing without dying, They will not however tolerated heat and will likely die with the beginning of the hot summer weather.Half Hardy Annuals will become damaged by frost, but can withstand periods of cold damp days. Half hardy annuals do not need warm soil or temperatures to germinate so they can be planted outside during early spring months after the last frost. They may die down in mid-summer but come back and re-bloom in the fall.Tender Annuals are very sensitive to cold temperatures and are easily damaged or killed by frosts. These types fair better when planted long after the danger of frost have passed. Seeds however can be germinated and grown indoors and then transplanted outside.Cool Season Annuals will give you the best flowers in the spring and fall.Warm Season Annuals will give you the best flower production when temperatures are in the upper 80's and 90's and warm summer nights.Biennial Flowers, their growing cycles is two growing seasons. The first season they are planted they produce only rosette shaped foliage, ( the only disadvantage ) but flower the second growing season before they produce seeds and dry out.Knowing these few facts about annuals should help you decide on what you will plant for the spring, summer and fall gardening season.Eudora DeWynter offers tips onAnnual in Your Garden on her blog at gardentoolguru gardentoolguru. Eudora_DeWynter Eudora_DeWynter

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