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Wooly Worm Festival In Beattyville Ky Car Show Article

Tips For Growing Lettuce in the Garden
By Dave Truman

There's nothing better than a salad made with fresh lettuce from the garden. Adding lettuce to your garden can be a welcome addition. Not only is healthy and tasty to eat but it needs very little space to grow. But there are some guidelines you should know before planting lettuce.To grow lettuce or any other vegetable, you need to have good soil. For lettuce, keep the nitrogen level high by using 30-10-10 NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) fertilizer. This will provide the lettuce with the nutrition it needs to produce healthy leaves.When planting lettuce seeds make sure they are planted 1/8-3/8 inch deep, separated by 6-12 inches (2-3.5 m) from the next plant. Romaine lettuce can be planted closer together but other crisp lettuce need more space. If you plant in rows, keep the rows separated by about 20 inches (6m).The roots of lettuce do not grow very deep so it is important to weed often. Many other grasses and plants with deeper root growth can invade the lettuce.Since lettuce lacks deep root growth it has to find moisture near the surface. Therefore it is important to keep the soil moist but not saturated. Try to keep the water off of the leaves and into the soil except for the occasional washing. Wet leaves especially during nighttime temperatures can lead to disease.Like any other vegetable, lettuce plants have problems with diseases and pests. Many insects enjoy the lettuce leaves and the folds of the leaves also offer many places for fungi to grow.Aphids, flea beetles, leafhoppers, slugs and cutworms are common insects that feast on lettuce. Washing the leaves with a high-pressure hose can temporally help get rid of the insects. Insecticide lightly applied to the lettuce will provide better long-term control.One common fungal disease is anthracnose (Microdochium panattonianum). This fungus can stay alive in soil for many years. Bottom rot (Rhizoctonia solani) is another common fungus. This type of fungus usually occurs in soil that drains poorly. To combat these fungi, keep foliage dry and plant in good soil.Another common problem with lettuce is bolting. Bolting is not a disease or pest but occurs when the plant goes to seed and the leaves stop growing. Bolting happens when the temperatures are consistently too high. To prevent this from happening, plant lettuce in shaded area or plant next to a shading crop such as corn.Lettuce is a wonderful vegetable to have in your garden. With proper preparation and care, you can enjoy salads with fresh lettuce throughout the growing season.Looking for creative ideas for your vegetablegardeners garden-plans vegetable garden layout? You can stop searching - visit the Vegetable Gardeners website at vegetablegardeners vegetablegardeners for lots of helpful tips and advice. Plus get your own copy of our free reports for growing better vegetables. Dave_Truman Dave_Truman

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Bluegrass Area Fall Festivals 2014 - Ace Weekly

Ace Weekly

Bluegrass Area Fall Festivals 2014
Ace Weekly
We present to you our ?fall harvest? of Fall Festivals in Kentucky within a one-hour drive of Lexington. Whether you're looking to entertain yourself or the kids, these are the places to go. .... 27th Annual Woolly Worm Festival, Oct 24 ? 26 ...
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Can "?Woolly Worms' Predict The Weather? - Greeneville Sun

Can "?Woolly Worms' Predict The Weather?
Greeneville Sun
The "low tech meteorologist" is honored in many Fall festivals, including 2013 Woolly Worm Festivals in Banner Elk, N.C., Oct. 19-20, and in Beattyville, Ky., Oct. 19-21. Vermilion, Ohio, honored Woolly's northern counterpart at the Woollybear Festival ...

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Most Popular Stories - Lexington Herald Leader

Most Popular Stories
Lexington Herald Leader
Yes, almost every weekend through October, towns across Kentucky will serve up food, music, crafts and more during festivals, so they are a big deal. But some of the events also put a premium on size. At the World Chicken Festival in London, you can ...


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